Waste-to-energy power generation is now being introduced in Hong Kong!

Many developed nations, including Japan, Denmark, Britain, and Korea, have adopted an innovative solution to the global energy crisis by implementing waste-to-energy power generation. This advanced technology is now being introduced in Hong Kong, with the assistance of Infinite Cable System.

The incineration plant, tasked with burning over 3000 tonnes of garbage per day, is required to manage the combustion of various types of solid waste. The facility also includes a waste sorting and recycling system, with a maximum treatment capacity of 200 tonnes per day. To support the plant's operations, a dependable and sustainable power transmission source is necessary, and Infinite Cable System is supplying and installing a 7000m submarine cable from Cheung Sha Substation to Shek Kwu Chau.

Infinite Cable System's cable is exceptionally robust and stable, providing a reliable power transmission source, even over extended distances, with minimal transmission loss. Our previous subsea cable project in a remote region in April 2023 demonstrated the quality and functionality of our products.

Although our product may appear simple, it serves to connect human networks, address livelihood issues, and deliver a vital service. At Infinite Cable Systems, we are committed to supporting our customers and the broader Hong Kong community.

Infinite Cable System is all about you.