Submarine Cable Installation


Submarine cable installation is tedious work. It is a very technical and complicated project. Although the work may be only last for a few hours or 1 day, the preparation work lasts for almost 2 years.
Submarine cable installation work is not just a one-party job. It involves several parties coming together to carry out the work. In general, the submarine cable installation project is divided into 3 main sections, preparation, tendering, and execution. During the preparation work, we have to contact several consultants and seek advice regarding the installation work. Of course, we also have to do a site survey as a first step. Please keep following our Facebook to unveil the subsequence process

We are proud to be invited by one of the major telecom companies in Hong Kong to participate in a submarine cable installation work for a government project.

This project is a government development motion for fiber networks to remote areas in Hong Kong. This project evolved with installing three submarine fiber optical cables in the offshore islands of Hong Kong. They are Lamma Island, Cheung Chau, and Peng Chau. We are expecting to complete the installation project in 2022.

We are very happy to be able to contribute to the infrastructure construction of Hong Kong.