Fiber to The Room


At present, the mainstream FTTH service in Hong Kong is to deploy a fiber-optic cable from the internet service provider to the broadband modem in the user's home. Such scenario is the fiber-to-the-home service.
Many families usually can only place a Wi-Fi router in the living room to use the signal for the whole house. It can be imagined that the connection in the bedroom is passing through the door and wall, and the network signal must be very weak.
The biggest improvement of the FTTR solution is that the network is all connected by optical fiber, without copper cables. Through the modem's splitter, you can directly pull the fiber optic cable to any room in the house.
Some of the user may want to have IPTV service installed in their bedrooms. In some residential cases, due to large living area, the area far away from the Wi-Fi station may not be effectively covered with Wi-Fi service. FTTR is deployed to overcome such application.
Users only need to connect a Wi-Fi router in the room, and they can enjoy a 1000Mbps connection in the room exclusively. Looking forward to cooperating with telecom companies in the future, to provide better service to clients