Data Center Projects

Data center provides a place for enterprises to install and accommodate IT equipment such as client server computers. IT equipment (such as servers) takes up a lot of space, and in order to always maintain a stable operating state, the operating environment, such as power supply, network, and equipment temperature must be strictly managed.

We provide high-standard products for data centers. Besides Hong Kong, we also have experience in setting up data centers in Singapore and worldwide.


Woodlands Data Center

We are honored to deliver some our products to one of the data center established by Global Switch.

The customer is satisfied with the deliverables.


Innovative Projects

InnoCell Project

Located in Hong Kong Science Park, InnoCell is a pilot project of using Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) in Hong Kong. It will provide a minimum of 511-bed spaces with supporting ancillary facilities including recreational and shared living/working space integrated with the residential units.


School Projects

Digital learning is becoming a trend. As a cabling and networking enterprise with global vision, we care and work for the networking development around the world.

Since 2016, we have been working on various FTTC (Fiber To The Classroom) projects, with non-stop installations in primary schools and secondary schools throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we had successfully implemented FTTC in 48 schools in Hong Kong till now.

For the sake of our student's better learning environment and brighter future, we will spare no effort to offer the best networking environment to schools in Hong Kong and around the world.


Railway Projects

Railway development is always an important part in a city’s infrastructure planning.

The railway system, one of the backbones of transportation systems in many countries is becoming more and more complex. It plays increasingly significant role in economic development of the country. Therefore, it becomes necessary to ensure that it operates effectively, efficiently and safely.


MTR Project in Hong Kong

With the grand opening of the MTR Tuen Ma Line, transportation in Hong Kong is more convenient. The Tuen Ma Line - running approximately 56 km and serving 27 stations, is the longest railway line in Hong Kong connecting the SCL “Tai Wai to Hung Hom section” with West Rail Line and the Tuen Ma Line Phase 1, providing more alternatives for passengers traveling to different districts.

Despite the harsh installation environment, the fiber test at Tai Wai station was successful. Dust covers were added to the adaptors in order to prevent contamination of the adaptor and assure the best performance of the adaptors.